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Harlequin Mondadori Enterprises , is a 50-50 joint venture between Mondadori and Harlequin Enterprises established in 1981, with the aim of publishing in Italy the novels produced and distributed throughout the world by this Canadian publishing group.
Known mainly for romantic fiction series under the Harmony brand, which have developed newsstand sales of 8 million copies per year, Harlequin Mondadori has recently extended its business through the bookshop launch of new editorial brands aimed at women.
General Manager Laura Donnini oversaw in 2002 the introduction of the Red Dress Ink books that are characterised by brilliant, modern and ironic content based on the lives of contemporary young women and introducing Italy to the international success of "Chick-lit".
In May 2003 the brand "I Chiaroscuri" was launched.
This series is entertainment fiction at its finest in a range of genres -- thrillers, romance, historical, psychological -- published in both paperback and hardcover editions.

Media Partners

Grandi & Associati has been involved in the publishing industry for over twenty years. It is a literary agency and a book packager, developing editorial projects from the original idea to the final product. Grandi & Associati is involved in editing and revising, book promotion and publicity, whether fiction, non-fiction or reference works commissioned by the leading publishing houses in Italy.
Grandi & Associati follows the entire book cycle, whether generic or textbook, for a number of editors. They are also literary translators and editors from all the major languages for the most important publishing houses: Harlequin Mondadori, Bolis, Orme Editori.
They also involved in the planning and press office of the following literary festivals and fairs: Noir in Festival (Courmayeur), Viceversa, Festival della creatività vocale (Vigevano), Renzo Piano Building Workshop (Genoa), Fuori Tempo, international conference on literature and music (Genova).
Grandi & Associati is specialized in foreign rights involving film, TV and audiovisual rights of literary works.

Who is MTCom : MtCom was founded in 2004 in Matera, Italy, as a sole proprietorship marketing and communications consultancy company, working both for the public and the private sector.

MTCom & Co: works with experts in business, government and institutional communication, professionals in journalism, publishing, advertising graphics and internet communication. It also offers expertise in marketing and communications in the fields of tourism and cultural affairs for both the public and the private sectors.

Goals: helping companies grow and promote their image in target markets.

Helping local, regional and central government authorities manage complex projects and activities. Developing new ideas and concepts by designing innovative target strategies.

New!! Check out the interview with chicklit mystery author Alesia Holliday and stay tuned for an interview with senior editor Karen Kosztolnyik of Warner Books!

La Baccante

Each year, the Women's Fiction Festival awards its literary prize, the La Baccante award, to someone who has made major contributions to women's fiction. The literary prize is a jewel hand-crafted by a talented local artist. The ‘La Baccante’ prize this year goes to Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett, one of Europe’s finest mystery writers, the winner of the 1997 Feminino Lumen prize as best Spanish writer. The ‘La Baccante’ prize was awarded to Maria Venturi, in 2004 and to Inge Feltrinelli,in 2005.


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