The Baccante literary prize goes to Beatrice Masini

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Every year the International Women’s Fiction Festival awards the ‘Baccante’ literary prize to an internationally renowned author who has made significant contributions to women’s fiction in Italy and throughout the world. This year, which is the 14 th Women’s Fiction Festival, this prize will be awarded to Beatrice Masini. The prize honors the depth of her writing and the wide range of her contributions to
publishing. Beatrice Masini was born in Milan in 1962. She graduated with a degree in Classical Literature and worked as a journalist (on staff at Il Giornale and La Voce under one editor in chief: Indro Montanelli), as a translator, as an editor and as a writer. She is the head of the Bompiani division.
Her stories for children and youngsters have been translated into about 20 languages. Some of her books: Ciao, tu – with Roberto Piumini (BUR Rizzoli); Se é una bambina (BUR Rizzoli); Bambini nel bosco (Fanucci); Corale greca (Einaudi Ragazzi), La cena del cuore (RueBallu); Blu (Pelledoca). She has also written books for adults: Tentativi di botanica degli affetti (published in 2013 by Bompiani, which won the Campiello Prize, the Alessandro Manzoni Prize and the Viadana Prize) and I nomi che diamo alle cose (Bompiani, 2016).

The prize, together with a jewel crafted by Materia, an artisanal goldsmith, will be awarded on Saturday, September 30, 2018, at 9 pm at the Casa Cava. The ceremony will be conducted by Alessandra Tedesco, a Radio 24 journalist. The prize awarding ceremony will be followed by a concert by Antonello Fiamma, together with Arteria – Vivaverdi Multikulti.

The following have contributed to the 14 th International Women’s Fiction Festival:
Project Partner: Giannini Stoppani. Media Partner: Donna Moderna
Cultural partners: Goethe Institut, British Council, Ilmiolibro, Fondazione Sassi, Associazione Risvolta, Cittàchelegge.
Supporting partners: Gold Partner: Fondazione Carical;
Silver Partners: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Basilicata, UnipolSai Assicurazioni;
Bronze partners: Dolceamaro and Kobo.
Family partners: Ford Auto Brindisi and Stefania Boutique who ‘adopted’ some of the writers of the 14th WFF.

Technical partners: Area8, Agenzia Viaggi Lionetti, Amaro Lucano, burBaCa, Ego55, Fondazione Le Monacelle, Laboratorio Orafo Materia, La Gatta Buia, Matera Diffusa, La Lopa.

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