Edizione 2012

Edizione 2012

Antonella Agnoli ha progettato e avviato la biblioteca San Giovanni di Pesaro, di cui è stata direttore scientifico fino a…
UNITED KINGDOM ANSELM ASTON - ATTICA BOOKS"I am looking to build up active lists in fantasy, science fiction and historical…
A taste for readingMeet the author events and book presentations-Provisional program THURSDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER, 2012 THE WFF KIDS' PROGRAM 10.30…
  THE BOOK FAIRPitch your novel to an editor or an agent. The Women’s Fiction Festival calls in editors and…
Publishing is a button PROVISIONAL PROGRAMMATERA WRITER'S CONFERENCEFondazione Le Monacelle Via Riscatto 8/10 75100 MateraWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 20128:00 pm Libreria dell'Arco,…

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