2013 Registration

Matera Writers' Conference - Early bird rate
Registration Fee: € 190,00 (untile June 30th 2013).

 The Women’s Fiction Festival is the only international writers’ conference in the world, that places you squarely in the middle of the international marketplace. The program is online, register now. See you in Matera!

Registration Fee for WFF members, Romance Writers of America, Society of Authors, Sisters in crime, Crime Writers, English Writers in Italy - Emma Books Writers € 160.00

The conference fee for the Women Fiction Festival includes admission to the workshops and panels on the international and European book market, foreign rights, translations, and writing workshop sessions and to the one to one editor and agent appointments. Simultaneous interpretation from and into English and Italian is available. 

Registration Fee per gli accompagnatori - € 80.00

The conference fee also includes, refreshments, food and wine tastings and cultural events open to the public, book signings and participation in the open air concert, awarding of the literary prize, 'La Baccante', and the gala party.

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