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Thursday, 28 september 2017

The WFF at school
9.00 Scuola Primaria Cappelluti
Workshop Global Education with Giuseppe Stampone
In collaboration with Cinzia Paolicelli
Symbols, popular images, historical and contemporary facts and happenings turn into a creative narrative with the Bic pen

10.00 Scuola Primaria Marconi Meeting with Felicita Scardaccione, author of Felicottera alla ricerca del sorriso perduto (Fasi di luna edizioni) – in collaboration with Bruna Venezia
A fable/metaphor that gently introduces children to challenging current affair topics, such as the dramatic terrorist attacks that took place in the French capital

10.00 ITAS Briganti
Meeting Filippo Radogna, author of L’enigma di Pitagora e altri racconti (Altrimedia Edizioni) – in collaboration with Adriano Santulli
Worlds suspended between the past and the future, technology and mystery animating science fiction stories.  Set in the millennial Sassi of Matera, on the sunny plateau of the Murge and along the banks of the Ionian Sea

18.00 Sala Levi – Palazzo Lanfranchi, Piazzetta Pascoli n.1
Every girl and boy has super powers, even if they don’t know it.
The Centro Formazione Supereroi (Training Centre for Superheroes) helps children recognize and develop these powers. How? Easy: writing!
Edoardo Brugnatelli and Francesco Gungui are on a mission on behalf of the Centro Formazione Supereroi-In collaboration with Mariateresa Cascino and Silvia Palumbo
Presentation of the student’s books of  “N. Festa “e” G. Pascoli “, Liceo Classico” Duni “and Liceo Artistico” Levi ”
Recitals by: Emilio Andrisani, Emilia Fortunato

19.00 Area 8, Via Casalnuovo n.15
A drink with Donna Moderna
Annalisa Monfreda, director of Donna Moderna, talks with Teresa Ciabatti, author of La più amata (Mondadori) Live on Facebook
A fierce and disturbing side to autofiction;  coming to terms with an abruptly broken childhood

19.45 Area 8
Your life in a book. Writing tips Annalisa Monfreda, director of Donna Moderna, Isabella Fava, journalist of Donna Moderna, Edoardo Brugnatelli, editor Mondadori
Launch of the second phase of the literary competition “Your Life in a Book”

20.15 Bianca Boutique, Via delle Beccherie n. 31
Laura Calosso, author of La stoffa delle donne (SEM), talks with Annamaria Minunno and Tiziana D’Oppido
The risk of change, giving up everything and getting away from bills, 
chaos, complaints, children. Direction: Amsterdam

21.30 Corte San Pietro, Via Bruno Buozzi n. 97
Lethal cocktail with Mark Dawson, author of La Vendicatrice (Longanesi)
Conversation with Elizabeth Jennings
Femmes fatales and assassins on the side of good, told by one of the most important British thriller writers. Starring the former British secret agent Beatrix Rose
In collaboration with Matera Diffusa

Friday, 29 September 2017
The WFF at school

9.00 Scuola Primaria Agna
Workshop of Global Education with Giuseppe Stampone
In collaboration with Cinzia Paolicelli
Symbols, popular images, historical and contemporary facts and happenings turn into a creative narrative with the Bic pen

9.00 Liceo Pedagogico Stigliani e 11.00 ITCG Olivetti
Meeting with Tommaso Avati, author of Ogni città ha le sue nuvole (SEM)
In collaboration with Patrizia Spedicato e Lucia Cammisa
An illuminating educational novel in which the author draws readers into the contradictory and carefree world of adolescence, through the senses, music, film and splendour of the early eighties.

9.30 Liceo Classico Duni
Meeting with Valeria Sperti, author of Radio Conversations by Giuseppe Ungaretti and Jean Amrouche (Universosud) – in collaboration with Rosalba Demetrio
More than forty-six years after the death of the great poet, radio conversations aired on Radio France in Paris in the 1950s are published for the first time in Italian.

9.30 Scuola Infanzia Minozzi
Laboratory of Philosophy for Children with Francesca Cecca
In collaboration with Simona Quarta
Educational project to teach independent thought through story telling and exploring philosophical challenges present for children

9.30 Casa Circondariale di Matera
Writing course “Caffè ristretto for WFFMatera” di Teresa Petruzzelli
A creative writing laboratory focused on travel, migration and gender issues and accompanied by readings and reflections

10.00 Scuola Primaria Fermi
Meeting with Gianluca Caporaso, author of Catalogo ragionato delle Patamacchine (Lavieri)
In collaboration with Vita Epifania
Discarded iron, the remains of abandoned objects, reassembled, return to life and interact with people to help transform the sorrows of the world into a smile

18.00 Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola, Via Ridola n.24
Isabella Fava, journalist of Donna Moderna, talks with Anna Giurickovic Dato, author of La figlia femmina  (Fazi) and Antonella Lattanzi, author of Una storia nera (Mondadori)
Powerful stories with unforgettable characters living a funambulist balance

19.00 Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola
Gabriella Greison, author of Sei donne che hanno cambiato il mondo (Bollati Boringhieri) talks with Pierluigi Argoneto – In collaboration with Festival della Divulgazione
Six bright stars in the darkness of the 20th century. Whist their light has gone, as is the fate of human beings, an indelible mark has been left on the path of progress in both science and  humanity

20.00 Casa Netural, via Galileo Galilei n.1
Letti in coppia
Francesco Gungui, author of Tutto il tempo che vuoi (Giunti), talks with Andrea Paoletti and Mariella Stella
Perhaps this is what we need to do, think of life as an incomplete and inaccurate novel, a story that is worth playing with

21.00 BurBaCa, Via XX Settembre n. 14
BookParty and conversations about new feminist romance – with DJ Set.
Roberta Marasco and Maria Paola Romeo talk with WFFMatera friends and discoveries: Giulia Beyman, Flavia Borelli, Cristina Cassar Scalia, Flumeri & Giacometti, Gabriella Genisi, Paola Gianinetto, Sabrina Grementieri, Monica Lombardi, Adele Vieri Castellano
Saturday, 30 September 2017

9.30 Piazza Vittorio Veneto
Neverending Stories: a literary improvisation contest on creative writing for schools – in collaboration with Accademia Pugilistica Panettieri
ITCG “Loperfido-Olivetti” vs Liceo Scientifico “Alighieri”
With Edoardo Brugnatelli, Francesco Gungui, Stefano Izzo, Elisabetta Flumeri e Gabriella Giacometti

10.00 Liceo Artistico Carlo Levi
WikiWFF: literature in the time of Wikipedia
In collaboration with Luigi Catalani and Maria Venezia
In a true collective editing marathon, students will discover the secrets of the creation of new encyclopaedic voices dedicated to the world of Women’s Literature

11:00 Sala  Bianca – Le Monacelle
Tiziana D’Oppido, author of Il narratore di verità (LiberAria), talks with Giuditta Casale
Practical tips for a debut publication

12:00 Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola, Via Ridola n.24
Annalisa Monfreda, director of Donna Moderna, talks with Federico Baccomo, author of Anna sta mentendo (Giunti) and Lorenzo Marone, author of Magari domani resto  (Feltrinelli)
Daily life, desire for change, love, truth and lies: when feelings are told “from a male perspective”

17.00 Sala Levi – Palazzo Lanfranchi, Piazzetta Pascoli n.1
Exhibition of the work created by students during the workshop Global Education with the artist Giuseppe Stampone

17.00 From Piazza Vittorio Veneto to Piazza Sedile
Literary LGTB Rainbow Walk with RiSvolta, Arcigay Basilicata and Agedo Matera
Stopping at: Bianca Boutique, La Bottega Loe, Articolo 21, L’Arturo Enogastromia
A multicoloured journey of LGBT life through a ‘book-crawl’. Italian and international literature readings hosted by members of the MateraFriendly circuit: Bianca Boutique, La Bottega Loe, Art. 21, Arturo Enogastromia

18.00 Ai terrazzini Residence, Via D’Addozio n. 141
Alessandro Garigliano, author of Mia figlia Don Chisciotte (NNEditore) and Carmen Pellegrino, author of Se mi tornassi questa sera accanto (Giunti) talk with Annarita Briganti and Giuditta Casale
Being parents, being children, living, loving and caring, family and utopian ties
In collaboration with Matera Diffusa

19.00 Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola, 
Via Ridola n.24
Isabella Fava talks with Loredana Lipperini, author of L’arrivo di Saturno (Bompiani)
A generational memoir that reflects on literature and fiction, stories between reality and fantasy

20.00 Galleria Opera Arte e Arti, 
Via Ridola n.4
Photo exhibition “In viaggio con Wondy” 
Dedicated to Francesca Del Rosso

21.00 Casa Cava, Via San Pietro Barisano n.47
Literary Baccante Award Celebration dedicated to Francesca Del Rosso
With Alessandro Milan, Alessandra Tedesco and MariaGiovanna Luini
In collaboration with Associazione Agata Volontari contro il cancro
Presenter: Alessandra Casella
Faraualla concert: Ogni Male Fore
Vocalists: Loredana Savino, Gabriella Schiavone, Maristella Schiavone, Teresa Vallarella
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