Daniela Palumbo

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Daniela Palumbo was born in Rome and lives in Milan. She is a journalist and children’s writer.
As a journalist she works for “Scarp de ‘Tenis” a monthly street magazine for the charitable organisation ‘Caritas Ambrosiana’. As a writer of children’s literature, she writes about adults, teenagers and children, often touching upon challenging topics, in search of beauty. In that there is no contradiction as all difficult stories regarding the human race come across  beauty (and not only). Stories that change perspective and expressions. Daniela has published with San Paolo, Giunti, Piemme, Mondadori, Paoline, Electa-Young Mondadori, EL, Einaudi Editions and Monti. She won the ‘Battello a Vapore Piemme 2010’ award with the book Le valigie di Auschwitz. Other prizes include: Il Gigante delle Langhe, Giovanni Arpino,  Laura Orvieto,  Minerva, ‘Le terre del Magnifico and the Catalan award  Atrapallibres. She created and edited two children’s book series for ‘Paoline Editoriale Libri’: Mi Riguarda, focused on social themes and aimed at primary school children; Strettamente Personale, written for teenagers and exploring the theme of reading. Her books are translated in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Brazil, China, Korea, Peru, Greece and Turkey.

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