The Women's Fiction Festival has established a literary prize, 'La Baccante'. Each year, Harlequin Mondadori, the Festival's main sponsor, awards the 'La Baccante' literary prize to an internationally renowned author of women's fiction in Italy and throughout the world.

The 'La Baccante' prize is itself a work of art by Laboratorio Orafo Materia.

In Greek mythology, the Bacchantes represented wild, mystical, uncontrolled and ferocious rapture , culminating in the practice of cruel rites. The Bacchantes were the priestesses of the cult of Dionysus, the symbol of occult knowledge and - above all - the incarnation of the natural principle of the psyche, instinct. It is indeed that very natural principle which, when released, possesses the spirit and produces art, dance, music and song.

"This jewel Bacchante is the embodiment of the exact poetic opposite, and is meant showcase the Bacchante as the symbol of women, highlighting the role of women in culture. Indeed, is it not part of the very essence of woman, the holder of the secret of life, to be associated with instinct? In my own mind, the Bacchante became not only the custodian of the mysteries of the cult, but also the bearer of the seed, represented by the ogival-shaped stone in the belly, the seed that indeed is already blossoming in the folds of the tunic, turning the woman into a flower, a flower however capable of holding her own life in her hands. The form of the circlet refers to the classic shape of a travelling mirror. At the end of a long, personal journal leading to deep knowledge of self and through the prism of art, women reattain their proper place in history". Lela Campitelli, Laboratorio Orafo Materia

Giuseppina Torregrossa
In 2008, Giuseppina Torregrossa was at the International Women's Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy, presenting her first book, "L'Assaggiatrice" (Rubettino).…
Clara Sánchez
This year the 'Baccante' Literary Prize will be awarded to Clara Sánchez, a Spanish writer whose overwhelming narrative voice informs…
Sveva Casati Modignani
  Sveva Casati Modignani is one of the most popular Italian writers writing today. Her books have been translated into…
2012: Amy Bratley
This year the International Women's Fiction Festival is awarding its 'Baccante' prize to Amy Bratley, author of 'The Girls' Guide…
Margaret Mazzantini
Margaret Mazzantini is a writer’s writer. Her stories are a visceral take on the world and women, where family and…
2010: Licia Troisi
Licia Troisi is the Queen of Fantasy, a major player in the Italian literary scene. Fantasy is one of Europe’s…
2009: Brunonia Barry
An amazing journey through the world of publishing, a debut that turned a self-published story into a massive global success…
2008: Milena Agus
A grand passion for writing together with dreamscapes, elements of fantasy and a soaring imagination—these are the hallmarks of Milena…
2007: Federico Moccia
Dopo Maria Venturi (2004), Inge Feltrinelli (2005) e Alicia Gimenéz Bartlett (2006), il 29 settembre 2007 a Matera Federico Moccia…
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