Brainstorming at the Spa – 17th-20th June 2016

Brainstorming at the Spa is in its fifth year. It is a program designed for working writers who need to plot their upcoming books, and do so with the help of other writers. It’s a highly creative process, guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. Four intense days of focusing on your stories, ironing out the kinks, establishing the story structure, character arcs, plot twists. Writing is the loneliest profession and the Brainstorming program puts you in a highly supportive network of fellow writers. We brainstorm our books all day at the Locanda di San Martino, voted on the top ‘Hotels du Charme’ in the world.  At the end of the working day, we retire to the Locanda’s spa, a gorgeous otherwordly space. Italy works on the pleasure principle–life is easier and better if the senses are pleased. Participants of the Brainstorming at the Spa create beautiful books in a gorgeous setting while eating the best food and drinking the finest wine in the world.

JOHN ROGERS, Showrunner: Leverage, The Librarians

The best thing for me is being in the writers’ room. It’s not even when the story is broken; it’s that moment when actually you can lean back and the room’s momentum is already carrying it. It’s like, “Oh, this story is so good, I could step in front of a bus right now and this would just keep going. They’d finish writing before they’d pick me up off the street.”

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