The Book Market – Ask a Pro 2018

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At the heart of the Book Market lie the stories waiting to be published.

Both aspiring and established authors can participate.
The Book Market provides an opportunity to present  your own novel to editors and agents (Pitching), and to receive personalised one-to-one consultation from publishing experts contributing to the 14th edition of the Women’s Fiction Festival (Ask a Pro).

Subscribers to the  International Writers’ Conference may attend the Book Market

Important tips on preparation
Before booking  an appointment, read the guidelines for each participating agent and editor to understand what they are looking for and what they typically publish

Only select editors and agents where there is a potential match, those that are looking for stories and genres within which your own novel may fit.
If your work is unpublished, we advise you do not to submit to foreign editors and agents.
10 minute slots are scheduled for pitching appointments with editors and agents.
Present  a brief synopsis of your novel. Bring a couple of chapters together with your business cards.
Daily subscriptions to the Book Market or individual substitutions are not permitted.
The Book Market provides a unique opportunity for networking and exchange: WFF builds bridges, it is not responsible for what may follow a pitch (rejections, delayed or no response).


Important tips on preparation
20 minute slots are scheduled for Ask a Pro appointments.
We recommend you refer to the biographies in order to help you select your appointments.

Once subscribed to the International Writers’ Conference, if you would like to book an appointment with the participating editors, agents and publishing experts, send an email to

For any questions, please write to

Thank you and good luck!

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